“About The Other Animals”

The Other Animals Safaris is owned by Frank Watts who also does most of the guiding. Frank received international fame via YouTube and National Geographic’s as the guide who witnessed an epic wildlife interaction now known as “The Battle At Kruger”. Frank was born in Durban, a city on the East coast of South Africa and he has spent his entire life on the African continent. His knowledge of his country and its inhabitants add an interesting dimension to the safari.

With more than 20 years experience working in wildlife and tourism, Frank is now supported by his family and friends in the running of a small very personal operation.

Having lived and worked in the Kruger National Park for over 17 of these years, Frank has boundless enthusiasm and love for the wildlife that he interacts with every day. He has qualified himself in the highest levels of guiding as set down by the South African National Parks and other organisations governing the industry. Whilst an employee of South African National Parks Frank received numerous awards for his management skills and the camp he was running was voted the best Bushveld Camp in the Kruger National Park..

With many years working for South African National Parks and some of the biggest safari operators in South Africa, Frank is now committing all his energy to his own safari company, ensuring that your experience will be an adventure of a lifetime.

“Our Team”

All guides are handpicked, qualified individuals who will ensure your safety and enjoyment.  They too have been trained and assessed to the highest standards the industry requires. Guiding is done in English, but special arrangements can be made to have an interpreter in some of the other international languages, at an extra cost.

  • Safaris are led by Frank, with his qualifications including an SKS (Special Knowledge and Skills in Dangerous Animals behaviour) and experience spanning over 20 years in a wildlife environment. He will enthral you with his passion and knowledge of the bush and its inhabitants.
  • Guides speak fluent English.
  • Field guides are THETA and DEAT registered, and have a long term association with the bush.
  • All guides are in possession of a professional drivers license (PDP).

Customer care, safety  and a safari with  knowledgeable and professional guides, will ensure that you leave a little of your heart in Africa and take with you memories and photos that can be shared with family and friends, whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first time adventurer.